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CoastColour on-demand processing Help pages

The system
CoastColour has replaced its large online archive of CoastColour products of predefined coastal regions by a Calvalus on-demand processing system.

The main advantages and features

The selected data are processed automatically on the Calvalus cluster. The results are made available for download via HTTP or for further processing.


Apart from this introductory pages, more detailed contextual help can be obtained in many places by clicking on the link.

When you log into the portal with your credentials, a window with 5 tabs opens up. The tab "L2 processing" is activated by default:

News L2 processing L3 processing Manage Regions Manage Productions

Read here what you can do with these:

L2 processing: Process CoastColour products

L3 processing: Configure and run aggregated processings

Manage Regions: Configure your own regions of interest

Manage Productions: Monitor your processes and download the results

News: Read what's new

Spatial and temporal selection
The region can be defined by polygon or bounding box, or it can be selected from one of the former 27 predefined regions.
It is recommended to limit the size of the region to what is required.
The time period can be specified by start and end day.
It is recommended to split larger periods into several periods, e.g. one per month or at most per year.

Processor selection
The CoastColour L2W processor can start from MERIS L1B products, process with all three processors in a pipeline, and generate L2W in a single processing call. This will succeed for small regions.
For larger regions it is necessary to first process L1P, and to use the output to process L2R, and from that to process L2W. Output datasets can be used as inputs for subsequent processing by selecting "Show my outputs" in the L2 processing form. The L2R processor accepts MERIS L1B or CoastColour L1P products. The L2W processor accepts MERIS L1B, CoastColour L1P or L2R products. To do it all in one step will most likely fail for larger regions because of the huge resource consumption.

When you choose the ICOL processor, it is recommended to process only small regions. Else, the processing will take very long or will even fail because of resource consumption.

Download and cleanup
It might be a good idea to estimate the download size before submitting a production request. Please do not more data than you can download. Example: One month of Baltic Sea products makes 23 GB of L1P, 21 GB of L2R, and 33 GB of L2W.
Processing time may vary depending on the current load on the Calvalus cluster. If there are no other projects processing at the same time processing one year of data for one CoastColour region may take a few hours. Usually download times will be longer than processing times.
After downloading please remove your entry from the production management. This will release the storage of the results and will allow others to process and download as well.