2nd CoastColour User Consultation Meeting

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2nd CoastColour User Consultation Meeting

 Frascati, Italy on 16 – 17 November, 2010

Following the successful Preparatory User Consultation Meeting in Cork, March 2009, the European Space Agency invited to the first CoastColour User Consultation Meeting. After 11 months of activities this was the opportunity for users and the scientific/industrial team carrying out the CoastColour project to discuss the progress of the project, ocean colour algorithms and products in the coastal zone and update on user activities, user requirements and expectations.

The meeting was attended by more than 70 current and potential CoastColour users, interested scientists and coastal managers.
Its main objectives were:

  • Presentations on CoastColour Project status and plan
  • Update on requirements and activities of the user community
  • Demonstration of CoastColour products
  • Preparation of the upcomming Round Robin
  • Discussions on in-situ data, algorithms and application of CC products

CoastColour is designed to improve the quality of coastal ocean colour products and to enhance user engagement. The project is driven by inputs received from users at the preparatory meeting in Ireland, and user consultation is viewed as a very important element of the execution of the project.

This meeting provided a platform for users (or potential users) of CoastColour products to learn about what is now available and what is planned within CoastColour; to make the CoastColour team aware of their developing needs; and to contribute to the evolution of the CoastColour Project.

During the meeting the main achievements of the project were presented by the CoastColour team during 7 targeted presentations. The users explained their current working practice, their relationship with CoastColour and expectations from this project during 16 presentations.
During 3 discussion sessions critical questions of CoastColour products and algorithms, the availability, usage and quality control of in-situ data and the planned applications were discussed by the CoastColour team and the users.