Cape Werde
24. March 2005,
orbit: 16023


Chlorophyll concentration


Concentration of total suspended matter


Pigment absorption coefficient


Aerosol optical thickness at 550nm


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Site17: Cape Verde

Cape Verde islands, coasts of West Sahara, Mauretania and Senegal

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Experimental products
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  • Primary Productivity or Potential Primary Productivity
  • Phytoplankton Biomass estimates in gC m-3 or gC m-2 units
  • Concentrations of some taxonomic of functional groups such as Coccolithophorides, Cyanobacteria etc.

Cape Verde archipelago is constituted by a group 10 of volcanic islands located 1400 km apart along the African margin of the Central Atlantic Ocean. Within the archipelago are several seamounts, as for example the Senghor Seamount, with a summit depth of 90m. The bottom depth southern Cape Vert is around 3000m.
The climate of the islands is hot and dry. Hence, the surrounding ocean has no influence of freshwater whatsoever. There are very few studies around the area. But from the information available, it is an oligotrophic area, with low phytoplankton abundance.