Upwelling of Morocco


Chlorophyll concentration


Aerosol optical thickness at 550nm


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Site4: Morocco

Morocco coast up to Western Azores

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  • Primary Productivity or Potential Primary Productivity
  • Phytoplankton Biomass estimates in gC m-3 or gC m-2 units

The Eastern Atlantic coast of Marocco is a meso to euthrophic region due to the upwelling regime, which is frequent from April to September. The high-productive upwelling area off Morocco is part of one of the four major trade-wind driven conti-nental margin upwelling zones in the world ocean. Nutrient-rich coastal water is transported within the Cape Ghir filament region at 30ÂșN up to several hundreds of kilometers offshore (Freudenthal et al, 2002) Due to its high productivity conditions, a phytoplankton dominated by diatoms is expected.