Puerto Rico
18. June 2005,
orbit: 17256


Pigment absorption coefficient


Depth where 90% of the light is absorbed at wavelength where this value is maximal





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Site9: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, Grenadines and Venezuela coast

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The coastal water around Puerto Rico can be characterized as mainly case 1 water. Close to the coastal there are corals, which in the southern part reach also further into the sea. The reflection of the coral reefs has to be taken into account. Furthermore, there are some rivers, which discharge high concentrations of freshwater and sediment into the coastal water mainly during rainy season, with TSM concentrations of > 10 mg/l. The Secchi Disc depth in the area of the river plumes ranges from 1 - > 50 m. Chlorophyll in close to the shore can be as high as 10mg/m³.