After the successful User Consultation Meeting in Frascati, Italy, 17-19 October 2010, the European Space Agency invites to the

 3rd CoastColour User Consultation Meeting

 Lisbon, Portugal on 19 - 20 October, 2011

The presentations and posters of the meeting are available online


The CoastColour User Consultation Meetings have become an established forum for the Ocean Colour Remote Sensing community. Following on from the success of the first two meetings, the 3rd User Consultation Meeting was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 19.-20. October 2011. 68 participants from 22 countries attended the workshop.

The project team gave an overview of what had been reached during the past year. This included the provision of all available MERIS FR CC L1P data for all testsites for the years 2005-2009, and a demonstration data set. The latter is a set of products from the year 2006 with improved top-of-atmosphere radiances (CC L1P), atmospherically corrected reflectances (CC L2R) and bio-geo-physical water properties (CC L2W). Consolidation of the algorithms and the processing for the CC Level 1P product generation has been completed, whereas the demonstration CC Level 2 products will be reviewed and improved in an iteration loop before the final delivery next year. Several Users provided an important feedback to the review by presenting the results of their validation of CoastColour products for their specific testsite.

The main objectives of the meeting were:

  • Presentation of CoastColour products and algorithms
  • Possibilities and limitations of regional Case 2 algorithms
  • First results of the Round Robin exercise
  • User Presentations on validation and usage of CoastColour products
  • Discussion on continuation of a forum for the coastal remote sensing community to facilitate international communication and collaboration, and the future of CoastColou

In connection with this meeting the following events took place:

A MERIS Validation Team (MVT) Meeting was held on 18. October.

A CoastColour Products Interactive Workshop and Training Course took place on 21.October.

In parallel the second workshop for Round Robin participants took place on 21. October. 13 Algorithm Provider discussed the results of the intercomparison exercise, analysing and explaining the differences between algorithm performance due to the design and the parameterisations of each algorithm.