The CoastColour Project

The European Space Agency has launched the CoastColour project to fully exploit the potential of the MERIS instrument for remote sensing of the coastal zone. The product requirements have been derived from a user consultation process. All data will be made online available from this Website.
CoastColour is developing, demonstrating, validating and intercomparing different Case 2 algorithms over a global range of coastal water types, identifying best practices, and promoting discussion of the results in an open, public form.



Coastal Water Challenges

The task of retrieving water optical properties and concentrations from reflections spectra in coastal waters is a complex matter. In contrast to case 1 water, where by definition, only 1 component determines the variability of the water leaving radiance reflectance, ...

CoastColour products

CoastColour Version 2 products are available through the Calvalus on-demand processing service. The complete global MERIS Full and Reduced Resolution data archive is accessible, covering the time range from 17. May 2002 until 08. April 2012. Users with a valid CoastColour FTP/MERCI account already have immediate access!
For more information see the Products page.

The test sites.

In the description below it should be recognised that a given site is likely to have a wide range of oceanographic and hence optical characteristics and the user interest may be focussed on one small part.